Andrea Merucci Hsiung B.A., PTS, PFS

Owner and Founder

ANDFIT Personal Training Specialist, Pre-Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Core Specialist

Andrea Merucci Hsiung

Welcome to ANDFIT Training Studio, let me tell you a little about myself and why I started ANDFIT. I have my children to thank for putting me on the new career path of personal training. After the birth of my daughter I looked to fitness to help me cope with the struggle I was going through mentally and physically and taking post-partum fitness classes helped me feel like I could take care of myself first which helped me at the end of the day be a better mom and person. I have always been passionate about women's issues. I am strong believer in lifting other women up and supporting strong women in my community. I have a passion for working with women and the issues that affect women today. I love how my background in counselling has been so applicable in the area of personal training. I wanted to create a safe space for women that was non-judgemental and supportive. A place where you can feel like you are part of a community that will lift you up and support you in your personal health and wellness goals. This is why I opened ANDFIT Training Studio. A place where women can build strong minds and bodies.

As a Personal Training Specialist and Wellness Coach I truly believe that “wellness begins from within”. Taking a holistic approach with my clients helps me work with them to discover the best version of themselves. I truly feel I have found my life's path by being able to connect with my clients, learn what their needs and goals are, then find the best approach to help them surpass those goals. 

I have been a personal trainer for 4.5 years and specialize in training women at all fitness levels. My clients range from all different ages and stages of life. I have more in depth knowledge in training women who are pregnant and as well as postpartum. I am certified personal training specialist with the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals. I have a Bachelors degree from the University of Western Ontario in Women's Studies and Psychology as well as a Certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and worked for over 5 years as a counsellor in the mental health field. My previous training as a counsellor is a valuable asset for me because I am able to apply my counselling skills when motivating and helping my clients achieve and maintain their goals. I specialize in women's fitness, nutrition, weight loss and management, pre/postnatal fitness and nutrition, pelvic floor health and diastasis recti.

My growing passion for health and wellness continues to stem from providing my clients with the tools they need to make small sustainable changes over time that add up to big overall health improvements. If your overall goal is to become healthier I can help you make all the other pieces fall into place. 


Carolyn Chylia, R. Kin., FST

Registered Kinesiologist and Fascial Stretch Therapist


Maxine Williamson, RDH, FIS

ANDFIT Fitness Instructor


My passion for fitness started at a young age and became more important to me since my three children came into the picture. It’s that missing puzzle piece that gives my busy and stressful at times life true balance. I believe that finding time for yourself and your health is very important, and a great example for your family. I love being apart of ANDFIT and the sense of community our fitness classes offer women. I enjoy sharing my love of fitness with others through teaching. My favourite part is witnessing women become connected as a community and shine a stronger version of themselves.


Leah Aarts, FIS

ANDFIT Fitness Instructor

Leah Aarts ANDFIT

Leah is a certified fitness instructor specialist, wife and mom to two beautiful young girls, Mila and Macy. She has taken her past experience as an educator and combined it with her love for fitness to create a job she is passionate about! Her main objective is to encourage women to just show up. She has a love for spin and strength training, which is apparent in her class design and wants women to feel comfortable no matter what level of fitness they at and like they belong to a community. 



ANDFIT Fitness Instructor Specialist


My name is Lola and I am a certified fitness trainer with 14 years experience teaching in Ontario and BC. I was introduced to group fitness when I was training in Kickboxing/Muay Thai at the age of 18 and fell in love. There is just something fun and motivating about working out with a group of people with similar goals!

I am a mom of three that likes to keep busy. On my spare time I am a freelance makeup artist and create chewable jewelry for babies.

I cannot wait to make you sweat!