ANDFIT Stroller Bootcamp offers one of the best Stroller programs in the city. It is an amazing strength and endurance building class taught by Certified ANDFIT Stroller Instructors. Our ANDFIT stroller team will take you through various strength training, cardio, core and bodyweight exercise circuits that are fun but challenging at the same time. Our goal is to help you rebuild your core and strength after having your baby, while feeling empowered and connected in a community of supportive women. ANDFIT has helped hundreds of women regain confidence and feel good over the last five years of running stroller bootcamps and mom and baby classes join our community today. 

How Stroller Works:
We have designed stroller to be flexible for moms because we “Get It” We have a couple different options to choose from and we are proud to be one of the only programs in the area to offer this type of flexibility and variety of options for moms.

This year instead of only providing 6 week session passes for stroller we have created a 4 month membership which gives you access to all of the stroller classes 5 days a week at Springbank park and we also have another location in St Thomas this year.

Location: Springbank Park Parking Lot across from Shoppers Drug Mart On Commissioners Road West
Days of Week:
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday
M/W Andrea, Tues/Thurs Leah, Friday Maxine

Location: St Thomas Pinafore Park, Children’s Play Area and Splash Pad
Days of Week:

Location: GIbbons Park Meeting at the Grovensor Park Splash Pad Entrance
Days of Week:

We offer two different types of packages to access our stroller classes

MORE ABOUT OUR 4 Month Membership

The membership total cost is $325 plus hst, your first month is only $25. You must pay $25 now to reserve your spot in the program, then you pay $100 (Starting on July 10th) each month for 3 months. The membership starts on June 10th, 2019 and expires on October 10th 2019. Your membership is a 4 month commitment and please make sure to read the contract that is associated with this membership if you choose to cancel the membership before your agreed upon expiry date there is a cancellation fee. If any extenuating circumstances arise you can request only a one month hold on your membership. Please see agreement for more details. You will be able to view it before checking out.

If you are wishing to apply a gift card please contact Andrea to arrange payment with gift cards.

Class Packs
We offer 12 class or Individual Drop in class Options for stroller allow you to book yourself into a Class ONLY 2x throughout the week But you can pick the days. You are not constricted to a specific day of the week. If you have an appointment or cannot make it you can makeup your class at another stroller class. These options are only valid for the 6 week sessions of stroller and cannot be carried forward into the next session.

6 WEEK Session Dates are as follows

April 29th - June 7th
June 10th - July 19th
July 22nd - August 30th

Refund Policy Information for the passes is below

This is a popular program so sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Every Mom enrolled in ANDFIT'S Stroller Bootcamp will receive this exceptional comprehensive stroller starter package

  • Exclusive Andfit Smoothie Guide with over 30 on-the-go recipes

  • 6 Week Meal Plan on Healthy Clean Eating, Complete with Shopping List and Recipes

  • Initial Core assessment by your trainer to check for Diastasis Recti (separation of the abdominal muscles), and she will also screen for other pelvic floor issues as well

  • Access to an online private Facebook group where you can connect with the other stroller mamas, share recipes and support one another

  • Online at home workouts to supplement the days you don't have class


Our stroller bootcamp program is so much more than just about losing the baby weight. This program can be a source of support for moms when they are doing one of the hardest jobs on the planet and it can be the one thing during the week where you're doing something just for you. Every mom has different goals and reasons for signing up for a stroller bootcamp program. Some of those reasons might be might be weight loss, strength building, starting a new health journey and meeting other moms and/or socializing. These are all fantastic reasons for joining a program like this and the benefits from this program are endless. This program is for all fitness levels and we provides lots of modifications for women who may be just getting back into exercise after having their babe. Our team takes into consideration all necessary modifications when rebuilding your core and doing certain exercises.

Stroller Bootcamp London Ontario

Refund Policy and Makeup Policy For Stroller Bootcamp

Refund Policy - You are eligible for a full refund for stroller bootcamp up until the start date of your first class less a 20% service fee This is for 6 week passes. After your  scheduled stroller session has begun no refunds will be given. However, we are able to offer a service credit that can be used toward another ANDFIT service. 

If you have chosen the ANDFIT membership option, you Can Cancel your membership but there is a cancellation fee of this is outlined in the contract. You are able to put your membership on hold for vacation for one month or for illness, a request must be put in writing to

Stroller Enrolment Numbers - Andfit Training Studio Reserves the right to cancel a stroller session if the minimum number of participants is not reached in a given session. If this occurs stroller enrolees will be given the option to move to another stroller session or any other the other Andfit studio classes or a full refund will be given.  

Meeting Location - See the map links above for more specific information

Weather Related Issues and Facility Interruptions - Outdoor Stroller Bootcamp runs rain or shine so please ensure that you invest in a waterproof rain cover for your stroller. However if there is a severe storm warning or any lightening class will be cancelled. Any other weather condition that the instructor deems unsafe may result in the class being cancelled. A makeup class will be provided or you can use your missed class to jump into another one of ANDFIT's Classes 

Indoor Stroller Interruptions - If a class is cancelled due to an unforeseen indoor facility interruption ANDFIT will provide an opportunity for you to makeup the class in our indoor studio location.

Missed classes and Illness - If you miss a class or any reason you are able to do a makeup at our indoor studio location in any of are classes. However you must makeup the class before the end of the current stroller session you are enrolled in. Any unused (MAKEUP) classes are not transferable to the next session.

Equipment Needed - What should you bring with you??

  • Stroller

  • Running shoes

  • Comfortable workout gear, and layer according to the weather.

  • Layers for babe as well

  • Rain shield for the stroller and/or car seat stroller attachment

  • set of hand weights, if you forget yours we have extras

  • Exercise mat or towel, We also have some extras if you forget yours

  • Any baby related items you might need

  • Water

  • Post class snack